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Carbon Offsets

$4.99 per 1,000 lbs

Help reduce greenhouse gases! One-time or monthly subscription available.


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Renewable Energy Credits

$5 per 1,000 kWh

Support clean energy. One-time or monthly subscription available.


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BEF Water Restoration Certificates

$2.00 per 1,000 gal

Help restore our freshwater


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Reduce your environmental footprint with a one-time purchase of personal carbon offsets.

Business Carbon Offsets

An investment in sustainability is a pledge to the long term health of your business.

Events Carbon Offsets

Take a proactive approach to reducing the impact your event may have on the environment.


What Our Projects Do

We fund projects that destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. Each project is made possible by your purchase of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.

Our projects are happening throughout the United States, supportingtheir local communities and offeringgreat environmental benefits.

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As an event management company focused on sustainability, we work with many clients who aim to understand and reduce their carbon footprint, and be accountable for those emissions they cant avoid. Terrapass has become a valued partner for our company and many of our client events because they take time to get to know each event.

Shawna McKinley Director Sustainability for MeetGreen

As a manufacturer of concentrated, pre-measured detergents for over 50 years, PortionPac is a company that has always been interested in better positioning itself as a leader in the sustainable marketplace. Partnering with terrapass has helped us achieve this goal by providing a whole picture of our current and historical emissions footprint.

John Paulin Communications Manager for PortionPac Corp

Thanks to the creativity and expertise of the team at terrapass, we successfully launched our inaugural Buddy Bison Carbon Reduction Contest in 5 elementary school across the country. The students learned how to take simple action items to reduce their energy and waste consumption. Terrapass worked with us to design a fun, innovative and educational program.

Grace Lee Executive Director for National Park Trust
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