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ISI Language Solutions is a professional translation & interpreting service and leader of industry-specific language access and localization solutions.

Privately-owned and founded in 1982, ISI Language Solutions enables successful communication through comprehensive solutions that are powered by a dedicated team of project managers and linguists with extensive experience in the technical nuances of the industries they serve. At ISI Language Solutions, we support our clients with the latest proven technologies to eliminate repetitive translation tasks, leverage repetition, and ensure interpretative consistency.

By providing industry-specific language access solutions for over 36 years, ISI Language Solutions has developed a deep-rooted understanding of client processes, business objectives, annual calendars and project-based workflows, ensuring both flexibility and scalability in meeting the demands of professional translation & interpreting services.

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Whether you are ensuring language access for domestic non-English target markets or expanding your business internationally, ISI Language Solutions has over 36 years of industry-leading, customized professional translation & language interpreting services to meet your needs. We offer a full range of professional, high-quality translation, localization, interpretation and proficiency-testing solutions, coupled with the latest automated technology platforms developed to assist the industries we serve.

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ISI Language Solutions offers the tools, technology, quality service and linguistic expertise you need to ensure professional translation and interpretation accuracy and project efficiency. No matter how large or small your project may be, ISI Language Solutions has the resources to meet your needs. We excel at high-quality work under stringent deadlines with the ability to verify our work and meet your legal, regulatory, and organizational requirements.

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Flawless localization requires more than a deep understanding of language, culture, and technology. It demands fluency in process management and an uncompromising commitment to testing and evaluation before any localized content is released. ISI Language Solutions does all this and more with a team of highly trained solution architects, subject-matter experts, technologists, and linguists ready to help.

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When interpretation accuracy is essential, you need an interpreter who offers specialized credentials and subject-matter expertise far beyond whats normally seen. You need an interpreter fluent in language, culture, industry terminology, protocol, organizational expectations, ethics and other areas of specialization. That is the ISI Language Solutions difference, and why were a trusted partner in professional translation & interpreting services.

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ISI Language Solutionss Interpreter Training and Assessment Program (ITAP) is designed to assess the linguistic skills of in-house bilingual staff who may need to deliver their professional translation & interpretation services in a language other than English, or who may serve as ad hoc interpreters. ISI Language Solutions reporting serves as documentation of a quality control mechanism for regulatory bodies, and ensures your company is compliant.

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Braille, large print, audio and American Sign Language are just some of the ways to meet ADA compliance standards, and more importantly, to communicate effectively to people with disabilities. ISI Language Solutions has the experience and knowledge needed to create these solutions and help you comply with a number of federally mandated communication guidelines, including Section 108 and Title 6.

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Industry-leading organizations are complex and no two institutions have the same needs or requirements. ISI can build customized language solutions to support your specific needs. Whether your organization wants to throw projects over the fence, or whether you need a seamlessly integrated partner to centralize requests and maximize existing resources, ISI Language Solutions can help.

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ISI Language Solutions is a leading provider of industry-specific professional translation & language interpretation access and localization solution services. Founded in 1982, ISI Language Solutions has developed a unique set of translation & interpretation skills, intellectual capital and technologies to meet the needs of these industries. Many of our clients have found these processes beneficial to their organizations, industries, and target markets. Regardless of the needs of your organization or industry, ISI can design a custom solution to meet your expectations.


Healthcare has a language all its own. No matter what language you speak.

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ISI Language Solutions has helped leading insurers and health plans increase member enrollment in non-English markets.

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The term itself has a multitude of interpretations, all of which impact our health.

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The financial services industry is the lynchpin of any thriving economy.

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